Google Maps Famous Antarctic Sites

  • Includes Shackelton and Scott’s huts
  • Allows users to feel like they are there
  • Marks the 100th anniversary of reaching South Pole

Google has launched a new 360-degree panoramic imagery of famous sites in Antarctica for the World Wonders Project site. This imagery lets you go inside some of the huts used by polar explorers, which is timed nicely this year, because 2012 marks the 100th anniversary of humans reaching the South Pole (Norwegian Roald Amundsen reached it on December 14, 1911 and Brit Robert Falcon Scott’s team on January 17, 1912).

Most people will never be able to travel to these remote and extreme sites themselves, so this new imagery will let them walk around it just as if they were there.

You can see many famous sites from the early days of polar exploration, inside and out, such as Shackleton’s Hut and Scott’s Hut. There are also other famous man-made locations like the South Pole Telescope and the Ceremonial South Pole.And there are penguins at Cape Royds Adelie Penguin Rookery.


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