Google Launches Searching Tool For Enterprises



  • GSA 7 for businesses
  • Manages 1 billion web pages
  • Step up from GSA 6

Google is branching out from its search engine roots as it treads the unchartered waters of enterprise hardware. It has released a yellow box dubbed as the Google Search Appliance which will allow companies to perform fast and effective searches of internal networks. 

The GSA 7 series showcases a new user interface, enhanced search tools and the ability to manage larger databases.

Google boasts that a single rack of its new search appliance can now maintain the equivalent of its web search index in 2000, which is around 1 billion web pages.

This marks Google first venture into the business world and as such, is zoning in on large scale organizations with its new GSA. It appears to be setting the stage to transition from a consumer player to corporate in the coming years.

“Google is really doubling-down on the enterprise search space,” says Google general manager Matthew Eichner. “We are moving towards the world’s largest organizations with the toughest scaling problems — and this very different from where we focused two or three years ago.”

The new hardware will surely go head-to-head with Microsoft, following its release of a corporate Bing Box.

Google first introduced the version six of the GSA three years ago. The GSA 6 was based on a standard Dell server. But this time, the company has designed its own machine for the task using commodity parts. “The whole system is tailored to fit with our relevance model, with our algorithms,” he says.

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