Google Buys Motorola Smartphone Business

  • Google pays US$12 billion
  • Encroaches on HTC/Samsung hardware territory
  • Takes on Apple

Google has just shelled out US$12 billion on buying Motorola’s smartphone business as it looks to push it Android mobile operating system to the nth degree as it takes on Apple.

With Nokia’s Symbian and Blackberry’s mobile OS being the other major players, this takeover indicates what some pundits in the industry have long been saying about Google trying to get into the hardware side of the mobile industry.

The deal makes sense for Google, with Android making a lot of inroads into Apple and Nokia’s marketshare, so much so that Apple is suing a host of companies that use the Android operating system including HTC and Samsung. The House that Jobs built is so concerned it has managed to stay the release of Samsung’s latest device utilising the operating system, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 slate.

On the other side of the coin, it is unclear where this leaves the likes of Samsung and HTC because they now have their mobile operating system provider as their opposition in

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