Gmail now lets you “undo” emails

Gmail users now have the ability to unsend emails thanks to a new featured called "Undo Send". While the feature has been available to users of Labs – Google's opt-in program for testing experiment features – for some time, today marks its first day of wider availability.

Technically speaking, Undo Send doesn't actually retract an email; instead, the feature delays the sending process by up to 30 seconds. Users are able to customise this duration.

Undo Send can be enabled in Gmail's web interface via the "General" settings tab, tucked away between "Send and Archive" and "Stars".

Undo Send will only work when using Gmail through its web interface, and is not compatible with email clients such as Outlook and Mail.

On the Android front, the latest version of Google's Inbox app also supports Undo Send, but the feature has yet to be implemented in the stock Gmail app bundled with almost every handset.

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