Global roaming now available on Vodafone prepaid

Vodafone has become known the AUD$5 per day roaming it offers to subscribers on postpaid plans, but the company's prepaid customers have to date been left out of the international action. While Vodafone isn't bringing AUD$5 per day roaming to prepaid, it is now offering prepaid customers four new global roaming adds-on that should make travel a little bit cheaper.

Vodafone prepaid customers are now able to pick from four prepaid roaming add-ons, currently available in 50 countries. AUD$25 gets customers 100MB of data, 30 minutes of talk, and 30 text messages, or alternatively, just 200MB of data. Both AUD$25 add-ons have a three day expiry. AUD$35 gets customers either 250MB of data, 60 minutes of talk, and 60 text messages, or 500MB of data. Both AUD$35 plans have a seven day expiry.

Once a customer has exhausted their roaming inclusion, they'll be charged pay as you go roaming rates.

While Vodafone's prepaid roaming add-ons are exactly cheap, they compare favourably to prepaid roaming offers from both Telstra and Optus. Telstra gives customers 100MB for AUD$29, or 600MB for AUD$160 (both with a 30 day expiry). Optus instead charges prepaid customers AUD$20 for AUD$20 of international credit, with rates varying on a country by country basis. Select Optus prepaid plans include a small amount of extra credit for roaming.

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