Getting Traffic Conditions Suna Than Later

Intelematics gets traffic info from new cameras and taxi drivers

Intelematics’s Traffic Channel service is looking at getting more real-time information by using more traffic cameras and getting information via GPS’s in taxi cabs.

One area where the company will be getting information is via 50 traffic camera at new locations across Sydney. The The Suna service monitors traffic conditions using tens of thousands of traffic sensors, provided via the NSW RTA, supplemented with other sources including probe vehicles, freeway sensors, tow truck allocations, roadwork information, special events and expert camera observers on major Sydney roads.

The additional traffic cameras will further improve Suna’s congestion and incident monitoring capabilities across Sydney’s motorway network, including the complex harbour crossings, claims Intelematics.

Some s=Sydney taxis have been fitted with GPS capabilities that record vehicle location, route and travel time and send this to SUNA for evaluation.

Suna was launched in Sydney in 2008 and is also available in Melbourne, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Nationally the service monitors more than 8,000 kilometres of roads for traffic incidents and congestion. The service is scheduled to be rolled out in Perth, Adelaide and Canberra later in the year.