Get free Wi-Fi through Telstra Air until Monday

Telstra is offering free Wi-Fi via its Telstra Air hotspots from today until end-of-day Monday (20/06/16) to celebrate "World Wi-Fi Day". Anyone will be able to connect their smartphone, tablet or laptop to any Telstra Air hotspot across Australia, regardless of what service provider they are with (one doesn't have to be a Telstra customer).

Each free Wi-Fi session is capped at 30 minutes, but users are able to reconnect when their time is up.

"It is not designed to be a mass download event, it is designed to let everyone see how they could use [Telstra Air] in everyday life," said a Telstra spokesperson.

The Telstra Air national Wi-Fi network now offers more than 400,000 Wi-Fi hotspots around Australia. Telstra Air hotspots are available at Telstra stores, at pink Telstra payphones, at through the "home hotspots" of Telstra Air members.

Telstra Mobile customers have free access to Telstra Air up until September 30, and Telstra home broadband customers are able to use their home broadband allowance on the go, provided they're happy to turn their home router into a public hotspot and share part of their bandwidth.

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