Gauge Measures Gas in Bottle

  • Calibrated for 99 percent of gas bottles
  • Comes in at under $50
  • Only available online

Okay, we’ve all done it at one time or another – run out of gas half way through a barbeque. Not that big of a deal, but annoying all the same, especially if you have guests over for dinner.

But being one to watch my pennies, I find it just as annoying there’s no way to measure how much gas there is left in my bottle other than lifting it and getting a ‘feel’ as to how much is left. I’m sure the companies that provide swap-and-go services for gas bottles make a little bit more do to the amount of gas left in bottles.

Now an online retailer says it has found a solution to the problem – the Digital BBQ Gas Bottle Scale, which will tell you how much gas is left in your bottle. The vendor that supplies the device says it is calibrated to weigh all 8.5kg bottles, which apparently is 99 percent of all BBQ bottles.

An LCD screen displays how much gas is remaining in bottle from empty to full – you strap it onto the bottle, lift it up, and take the reading.