Bright White Ricoh For Collectors

  • Only 10,000 units available worldwide
  • Comes in at just under $900
  • Available mid October

Ricoh has announced the release of a collector’s edition white model GR Digtal IV to coincide with the launch of the new GR Digital IV.

The White Edition will have a limited sales volume, with a total of only 10,000 units sold worldwide.  It is expected that no more than 200 cameras will be available in Australia.

Encapsulated in a slim, white-coloured body, the camera has a metal lens cap and leather hand strap that are also white. These accessories will not be available for individual sale.

Ricoh’s GR Digital range is designed for street photographers and is used by prominent Australian photographers such as Hamish Tame and Robyn Hills.

Camera specifications are the same as those for the GR Digital IV. The GR DIGITAL IV White Edition will be available in some specialist camera retailers from mid-October 2011.