Gaming in a bubble

It’s the Cocoon, the device that could change how you interact with computers, the Internet and your life.

Not satisfied with gaming? Need a little more motion from your Wii? Then a bunch of designers from NAU might have the answer for you. It’s called the Cocoon, and it’s being touted as the next big advancement – by its creators, anyway.

Once you step into the Cocoon, you’ll be surrounded by a 360 degree virtual reality screen with full surround sound. To navigate it, motion-tracking sensors will follow the movement of your arms, legs and face, and a motion-sensitive platform will detect if you’re walking or jumping.

Designed to change the way we interact with computers, London-based team NAU (it’s not an acronym) are thinking up of ways the VR pod can change our lives. One method was to create immersive educational experiences, like a trip through history.

The Cocoon can change how we play video games as well. With the ability to sense your movements, it could become the ultimate version of Wii Fit. In fact, throw in a treadmill and you’d finally have an Olympics game worth playing.

Tino Schaedler, designer for NAU, says the Cocoon could shape our work environment as well.

“Imagine being fully 3D. We could walk through a 3D space where you have all the books lined up, and you could walk right up to a book,” said Schaedler.

Source: CNN Tech News