Gadget Makes iPhone Universal Remote

  • Available for under $100
  • Used with iPhone or iPad
  • Download app to use

Gear4 has released its UnityRemote, whereby you can take control of your home entertainment system and combine multiple remotes into one.

Designed to make controlling multi‐media devices as seamless as possible, the UnityRemote allows iPhone, iPod touch and iPad owners to control everything from televisions to Hi‐Fi’s, Blu‐Ray and DVD players to surround sound units – anything that has an infrared receiver, using one single device.

After downloading a free app form the Apple App Store, users can link their Apple devices to the unit via Bluetooth connection. The intelligent UnityRemote ‘learns’ how to control the device, enabling you to flick between channels or play DVDs .

Users can also set up actions for the UnityRemote to control multiple devices simultaneously. Users can turn on their TV, Blu‐Ray player, and their home cinema sound system all at once, reducing the time spent hunting for each remote. It is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPhone touch.




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