Future of Mobile Broadband Discussed

  • ACMA looking at future demand of mobile broadband
  • Keen to hear from stakeholders
  • Also looking into 900MHz band

The Australian Communications and Media Authority has released two papers signalling its intention to develop a future spectrum strategy that unlocks significant spectrum for mobile broadband and makes the best use of current and future technologies.

Towards 2020—Future spectrum requirements for mobile broadband, considers a range of issues intended to meet the longer term spectrum needs of the Australian mobile broadband industry while the 900 MHz Band—Exploring new opportunities paper looks at options to replan that particular band to improve its utility.

“The ACMA is keen to hear from stakeholders on a number of relevant issues, including whether greater spectral efficiency could be achieved by network operators in their existing spectrum holdings,” said ACMA Chairman, Chris Chapman.

Towards 2020—Future provides detail on the existing mobile broadband environment in Australia and the ACMA’s ongoing analysis of the quantum of spectrum required to meet projected demand.

900 MHz Band—Exploring new opportunities looks at options to replan that band. This spectrum is used to support a number of services including major mobile telecommunications networks such as Telstra’s Next G network and Telstra, Optus and Vodafone’s GSM and 3G networks.

“The review of the 900 MHz band is an exciting ACMA spectrum reform initiative, which will continue over what is likely to be a number of years,” Chapman said. “The aim of this review is to consider the current regulatory arrangements in the 900 MHz band to ensure they best embrace technological developments.

“It’s an ideal opportunity for stakeholders to consider their needs and put forward their ideas for improvements to arrangements in this band.”