Free Updates With Navigon Maps

  • Latest map guarantee
  • Emergency help feature
  • Snapshot of driving habits

Navigon’s next generation of its navigation app for Samsung’s smartphones and tablets has been upgraded. This upgrade provides Navigon for Samsung users with free quarterly map updates via Navigon’s FreshMaps service. In addition, the new version offers a simplified user interface and an Emergency Help function.

The new features of Navigon for Samsung 4.0 include:

  • Navigon FreshMaps: Users can register within the application to enable the Navigon FreshMaps service.  Navigon FreshMaps uses trusted, field-verified, and quality-controlled map and points of interest updates from Navteq to help ensure accurate maps.
  • Latest map guarantee: Navigon customers get the latest Navteq map available when downloading Navigon for Samsung 4.0.
  • Easy menu navigation: Navigon for Samsung 4.0’s new user interface has a new look and also adds new functions. It automatically adapts to the screen size of the device, so users see a clear view based on their specific screen size. On smaller screens, the app displays fewer menu icons so users can see more of the overview screen.
  • Emergency Help: During an emergency, users can tap one of the predefined categories to receive instant distance information to the nearest police station, hospital, pharmacy, or gas station.

Samsung Version 4.0 is soon to include a new Cockpit function that displays relevant driving data in real time on a cockpit-like screen. Captured data includes speed, acceleration, and elevation for the last 30 minutes or last quarter mile. Drivers can use this information to see a snapshot of their driving habits. This function is already available for the Navigon for Android App.

Additional premium features and services can be added.

The Safety & Relax Package $9.95.
The Traffic Live Package $14.95
The Sound & Fun Package ($7.95

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