Free Tickets For Olympics? Make Sure It’s Not Malware

By Mike Wheeler

Trend Micro has noticed an increase in spam and malware in cyberspace as the London Olympics approaches. In its Malware blog, the company has noticed that email spam is using the sporting extravaganza as an ‘in’ to peoples’ computers and personal information.

The blog says that such spam includes “one [that] involved an email that says “winning notification; another message asks for personal details in exchange for a prize; and another that asks users to notify a specific contact person.”

People are warned that they run the risk of having their information stolen to be used for nefarious purposes, or risk having their PC infected with Malware.  

One such email tells people they have one free tickets and must divulge personal information to receive the tickets. However, the chances of Olympic organisers giving out free tickets via email are zero, so it is one to avoid.

Another particularly insidious email tells people that they have won a prize and to open the attachment, which turns out to be a piece of malware that will allow a person to remotely take over your computer.

The third piece of spam tells you to contact a third party about a prize you are to receive. You do so, and then they eventually ask for personal information, and ask you to deposit money into bank accounts.

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