Free public Wi-Fi access for Telstra mobile customers until mid-2016

Telstra mobile customers on eligible post-paid and pre-paid plans will get free access to Telstra Air – the telco's nationwide wireless network – until the end of June next year. Telstra says subscribers will be able to access unlimited data at any of the thousands of Telstra Air hotspots it has been deploying nationwide.

While the offer is open to post-paid, pre-paid, SIM-only, and mobile broadband customers, Telstra subscribers may need to check their eligibility via the telco's website.

After months of free trials, Telstra launched its nationwide wireless network at the end of June. The network is made up of hotspots housed in converted payphones (designated by a pink dome), retail outlets, and the homes of Telstra home broadband subscribers.

Telstra home broadband customers sharing their Wi-Fi as part of Telstra Air will also receive "unmetered" access to Telstra Air until the end of June 2016, both locally and internationally. Typically, any Telstra Air usage would be counted against their home broadband allowance.