Freak Out Over Denon Headphones


  • Under $150
  • All sizes
  • Clear sound


Denon has announced a special edition of its AH-W150 Exercise Freak In-Ear Headphone that will be available in pink.

Like all Denon Exercise Freak headphones, the pink edition is lightweight, sweat-proof, and wireless; engineered to help wearers perform at their peak while enjoying their favourite music and taking calls. They also feature Denon’s signature sound quality and the Denon Sport mobile app which totally enhances the user’s experience.

The Exercise Freak is part of Denon’s new family of headphones, that are said to feature lifestyle-specific smartphone applications, all of which are engineered from the ground up to Sound Like You, Move Like You, Fit Like You. The headphones are compatible with all Bluetooth devices and include anti-microbial ear tips (S, M, & L sizes) and a micro USB charging cable (for charging the battery).


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