Foxtel Launches On Demand Internet TV

  • Old movies from $3.95
  • New movies from $5.50
  • Television programmes from $1.95

Foxtel’s on-demand service delivers TV and movies straight to the HD iQ2 set-top-box via an internet connection.

The service gives subscribers access to over a thousand TV episodes and hundreds of movies to watch, simply by connecting a modem to the High Definition iQ2 set-top-box.

With a set-top-box connected to the internet, On Demand gives viewers the ability to download a wide range of entertainment – from every genre like drama, comedy, kids, lifestyle and reality – straight to the iQ2 planner.

Series available include Mad Men, Jersey Shore, Australia’s Next Top Model, The Hills, Tough Nuts, Ice Road Truckers (FOX8), Summer Heights High, Spirited, iCarly, :30 seconds, Life After People Special and Hoarders.

Foxtel On Demand lets subscribers download entire TV series to watch when it suits them. Each TV episode is available for $2.95 and some children’s programming is available for $1.95 per episode such as Ben 10 and Dora the Explorer.

Movies available from October include Toy Story, ET, Finding Nemo, Back To The Future, American Pie, Mystery Men, Twilight, 10 Things I Hate About You, The Sixth Sense, Pirates of the Caribbean, Psycho, Twelve Monkeys, and so many more. Library movies are available for $3.95 each.

New release movies available in October include Date Night, Kick-Ass and Hot Tub Time Machine. New release movies are available for $5.50 each. New release High Definition movies are available for $5.95 each.

TV and movie titles are available for extended rental through the On Demand service. Once a title has been viewed the rental period will begin – the rental period is 48 hours for movies and an extended rental of 10 days for TV episodes, which will increase to a 60 day rental period from December. Inside the rental period you can watch the movie or TV show as many times as you like.