Foxtel iQ Gets Upgrade

Foxtel is adding a new software upgrade with iSuggest and Record Me

Foxtel iQ set-top-units will start receiving a software upgrade delivering new features to the onscreen Foxtel iQ Guide as part of Foxtel Next Generation, says the manufacturer.
This software upgrade will include the 690,000 iQ set-top-units installed in Foxtel homes. All iQ or iQ2 set-top-units receive the new software, following which both the iQ and iQ2 will then have the same Foxtel iQ Guide.

The Foxtel Guide updates are designed to make the iQ Guide more intuitive to use and will support two new enhancements – iSuggest and Record Me, which enable subscribers to find the shows they love and record them.

iSuggest brings posters and recommendation functionality to the new iQ Guide. It brings the TV Guide to life with posters and recommends from 200 outstanding television programmes and movies at any one time.

iSuggest lets subscribers browse through rows of TV show and movie posters to discover new shows they might like, highlighting Foxtel programming across all genres, refreshed many times a week so there’s always something new to send to the Planner for record.
It also provides a poster for each programme or movie, the summary, and a star rating which gives subscribers more detail than just the title helping them choose the shows they want to watch.

Selected programs are categorised into four portals – Foxtel, showtime, Movie Network Channels and Foxtel Box Office – making the best movies and shows easy to find.
The three dedicated movie sections in iSuggest – showtime, Movie Network Channels and Foxtel Box Office – recommend from over 50 movies at any one time.

Record Me allows subscribers that see a promo for a show they might like, press one button, and it’s sent to the Planner for record. This means subscribers will no longer have to go into the TV Guide to search for programmes to record.

The Record Me icon will appear when a promo has a recordable program linked to it. The subscriber presses the green button on their remote and the confirmation icon appears when the item is in the subscriber’s Planner. The subscriber will have to press the back button on their remote control for the icon to disappear from the screen. When the subscriber next enters their Planner, they will see their program booked.

Foxtel’s new iQ Guide has new features including Channel View, Create your own Guide: My Favourites, Live Viewing Window, Planner Viewing Window, Planner Search, Time remaining and Fast Find.

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