Flicker launches video content

Flicker reveals its new video service – will the site’s users love it or loathe it?

Flicker, the domain of photo buffs around the globe, launched its new video integration service yesterday. Will the site’s users love it or loathe it?

The move, which has been long awaited by some Flickerites (and vocally protested by others) will allow Flicker members to upload 90 second videos (to a max of 150 MB) to the site. The files will display alongside regular gallery images or can also be embedded into a page. Videos will be playable from the thumbnail as well as the video’s permanent page on the site.

Unlike Youtube, Flicker will only offer video upload as part of its pro user service (at a charge of $25 per annum). Although both regular users and pro users will be able to view video footage uploaded to the site.

Source: Techcrunch