Fit Coach – A 24-hour Personal Trainer

  • Wear band for 24 hours
  • Download all activity
  • Shows day’s achievements

Fit Coach is BodyMedia’s 24-hour personal motivator that offers information, tips and advice, tailored to your own daily exercise routine and diet.

The Fit Coach works in conjunction with the BodyMedia Fit Armband.  Users wear the armband every day and night and it will track every waking and sleeping moment. At the end of each day, users upload their Armband information and they can see their achievements in Activity Manager’ charts.

Need to work harder in your work-out? Then the BodyMedia Fit Coach will tell you and suggest new exercise routines and goals for you to achieve. Did you meet your calorie goals for the day? Then receive a pat on the back from the Fit Coach and feel charged to do the same again the next day.

BodyMedia FIT works by monitoring your sweat, movement, skin temperature and heat loss, via sophisticated built-in sensors. This provides detailed and personalised information on calories burned and exercise intensity. 

Starts at $229

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