First Panasonic PVR For Oz

  • 140 hours of HD recording
  • Comes in at about $500
  • DLNA compatible

Panasonic Australia has launched its first PVR (personal video recorder), which has a built-in 1TB HDD that records up to 140 hours of HDTV programs in Direct Recording mode.  It features twin HD tuners, allowing users to record two High Definition broadcasts at the same time. 

The DMR-HW220 features Panasonic’s Viera Connect IPTV platform, whichconnects to social networking sites and services including YouTube, Facebook and Twitter; and offers Skype functionality; as well as Yahoo 7’s Plus7 and ABC iView for an even wider variety of Internet content.

The DMR-HW220 features Panasonic’s Simple EPG (Electronic Programme Guide), which allows the user to press the ‘guide’ button and view the EPG instantly. More information can be viewed at a glance, making programme selection easier, and users can continue watching their current program while searching for or recording other programs.

The ‘function’ menu allows viewers to search through the menu while still watching their TV programme, while the Multifunctional Remote features the ‘Last View’ function – simply push a button and return to the last channel you were watching.  This also has 60 Sec Skip and 10 Sec Skip Back so it is easy to skip to the desired scene. ‘Rewind Live TV’ allows users to rewind live TV back to the desired scene, up to two hours, so important moments are not missed.

With built-in wireless capability and DLNA server/client functionality, the DMR-HW220 can access content held on other DLNA-compliant devices, making it easier to share and enjoy digital photos, music and videos with home networking.  By connecting to the Home Network (LAN), the user can access recorded programmes, AVCHD video and JPEG files as well as access, browse and view media stored on a server while in another room.

Viera Connectwith Skype allows the user to enjoy real-time visual communication with family and friends on a large screen. By using an optional Panasonic compatible Skype camera, users can Skype directly from any TV. Users can instantly access the Skype menu screen by simply pressing the Skype button on the remote control, allowing easy access even while watching a TV programme.

This unit incorporates an SD Card slot for viewing 3D photos (MPO) and movies (AVCHD) shot with 3D-compatible digital cameras and camcorders, as well as viewing 2D stills and movie files. It also offers camcorder linking due to AVCHD 3D / Progressive compatibility, making it possible to copy AVCHD 3D motion images and high quality 1080/50p data that was recorded in the AVCHD format for archiving onto an HDD.

2D to 3D conversion converts 2D images into 3D with natural depth perception. In addition, the ‘3D Effect Controller’ allows users to adjust the depth and effects of 3D images to suit their preference.

To ensure the audio quality meets the same high standards as the image quality, the DMR-HW220 uses a 192kHz/32bit audio DAC to reproduce audio content that is faithful to the original.

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