First OLPC laptop rolls off the production line

The first 1,000 One Laptop Per Child XO laptops have rolled off the assembly line at Quanta Computer’s manufacturing facility in Shanghai.

Quanta, the world’s largest manufacturer of notebook computers, said that the first machines will be put through “rigorous environmental testing” to simulate the harsh conditions for which the laptops were designed.

Tests will include dropping the XOs from various heights, children pounding on the keyboards, and making sure the cases are resistant to dirt and dust.

Software developers will also receive units to debug the software and applications that make up the operating system.

“We have answered the question of whether or not we can build a low-cost laptop,” said Walter Bender, president of software and content at the OLPC project. “The challenge now is to fine-tune it to the needs of children’s learning.”

Source: ITNews

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