First look at new apps for Microsoft’s HoloLens

Microsoft has allowed staff working on apps for its augmented or "mixed" reality HoloLens headset to begin showcasing prototypes of their work on Twitter. Developers have been using the hashtag #MadeWithHoloLens to share short videos of what's possible when building for the headset.

Notable examples demonstrated employees using the HoloLens to create floating virtual screens for running applications such as a Halo 5 (streaming from an Xbox One), Netflix, Candy Crush, and YouTube.

Other videos showed "holographic" objects interacting with real world surfaces.

The #MadeWithHoloLens videos coincide with the launch of a contest fielding ideas for HoloLens apps. The winning idea will be made into a working app by Microsoft's internal HoloLens team. Idea submission will close on January 11, 2016.

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