First Impressions: iPhone 6 Plus – The best iPhone yet

I've been playing with both the "Space Grey" and "Silver" models of the iPhone 6 Plus, and my personal preference is the Silver. In my opinion, the black makes an already big phone look bigger, and the colour scheme doesn't look quite as refined as it did on the more angular iPhone 4 and iPhone 5. Unsurprisingly, the iPhone 6 Plus is a fingerprint magnet and both the white and black models pick up smudges on front and back incredibly fast.

The iPhone 6 Plus is so damn big that it will likely make many opt for the iPhone 6 instead. While the screen size is exactly the same as what LG has put in the LG G3, there's a lot of bezel padding out the device. On the subject of the screen, the display is gorgeous. It might not boast a Quad HD panel like the G3, OPPO Find 7 or Samsung Galaxy Note 4, but it's hard to see any difference in terms of sharpness when comparing the devices. To top it off, the display is one of brightest I've seen on a phone.