Firmware Updates Crash Consoles

In what is becoming a common occurrence, some gaming consoles are breaking down when getting firmware upgrades

A class action lawsuit is pending against Sony in Florida, with one John Kennedy being the main plaintiff. The problem? Software updates on the PS3 causing the console to have hardware failure.

This is on top of a report out that Nintendo were having similar problems with their Wii software upgrades causing systems to shut down. Nintendo said they would repair any consoles that were busted by the upgrade, but so far there is nothing coming out of Sony.

Sony did issue another update, which it stated would fix the problem, however this does not appear to have subdued Kennedy any more, who claims he continues to have problems.
Interestingly, the Wii update was issued to disable illegally downloaded games that work on the console, so they might have gone a step too far.

Where this will end up is anybody’s guess, but if Kennedy can prove that the cause of the problems are the updates, then Sony will probably have to fork out even more money for an already unprofitable console. Not to mention losing a lot of good will amongst the PS3 community.