Find X2 from Oppo Offers Fast 5G Regardless of Budget

Oppo have released the Find X2, a new series of 5G smart phones designed for customers who want to purchase a brand-new device with style, smarts and blistering fast 5G download speeds. This time though Oppo have made 5G the base feature of the series and are offering three device variants with a range of included features and at different prices. Choose from the Pro ($1599), Neo ($999) or Lite ($749), with all devices connecting to current Australian 5G networks and also the new low band millimetre 5G to be launched in 2021.

The key thing about Find X2 is that Oppo is giving customers a choice. You can have a brand-new smart phone, you can have premium features like Dolby Atmos Sound and superfast battery charging, but you can be paying as low as $750 unlocked.

I think this is a wise move by Oppo. Even if you are not planning to move to 5G now, but if you have a feeling that in the next year or so you might need the extra speed and be prepared to pay the extra money, you can ensure your handset has the flexibility to do that.

If you want to choose the Pro and get the benefit of 12 GB of RAM and 512 GB of on-board memory, you can. Or you can choose the Neo or the Lite and get less premium features, but pay less money.

In the last few years Oppo has become a strong competitor in Australia and the Find X2 is only going to help them convince even more Samsung and Apple customers to consider their handsets over the coming months.

Disclosure – Oppo is an advertiser on this website.

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