Federal Police In Email Scam

The Australian Federal Police has been targetted by scammers

Scamwatch is reporting of a scam whereby cyber criminals are imitating the Federal Police in order to get credit card details from unsuspecting consumers.

The scammers are sending a fraudulent email that says it is from the Australian Federal Police saying the law enforcement agency is investigating you because your credit card has been used in purchases linked to known criminal organisations and that you should not contact your bank or the local police.

The emails is worded in such a way that it makes it seem like the recipient is guilty of criminal activity and that they will be prosecuted if they don’t cooperate with their demands. This is designed to scare people into providing their personal and banking information and deter them from complaining to their bank or the police. 

The email demands that you click a link in the email to show your innocence. It also provides a link to ‘free monitoring of your account against all future hacking and phishing attack’.
If you receive such an email it should be deleted immediately. Responding will only give scammers a chance to get personal information or money, or to install harmful software on to your computer.

The AFP would never send out emails requesting personal information or banking details for any reason.