Fancy Fridays: Wooden Gadgets

By Zy gonzales

By Zy gonzales

If we compare our lifestyle today with the way we lived our lives ten years ago, a considerable amount of disparity can be seen with how people have used, purchase and see gadgets and technology. Gone are the days when emphasis is given more to a device’s function and less to its looks. These days, a product’s development revolves into making a device not only function well but also look good. And this is probably because consumers nowadays take into great consideration the overall look and appeal of a product before making a purchase.

And manufacturers today go to great lengths to make products built from premium and sometime fancy materials such as polycarbonate plastic, magnesium alloy, aluminium or other types of plastics or metals. But it is very seldom that you’ll see a product, especially an electronic device to be made out of wood.

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This is because wood is very difficult to work with as compared to plastic or metal that can be easily moulded or hammered down to the desired shape and dimensions. Moreover, wood is a relatively more expensive raw material and is not as renewable compared to other materials. But of course the use of wood in electronic products is not impossible. In fact, there are a number of (premium) gadgets that use wood as a key component in its construction.

So in this week’s edition of Fancy Fridays let’s take a look at 7 electronic devices crafted using the said organic material.



The Asus U6V is a relatively old model and sports an Intel Core 2 Duo Processor clocked at 2.53GHz with 4GB of SDRAM. It has a 320GB hard drive, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The U6V also features a built-in webcam and a 12.1-inch LED display all packed in a body clad with bamboo panels.



iLog is an iPod/iPhone dock speaker made from Alder wood. This speaker dock is made by Judson Beaumont’s Straightline designs in Vancouver, British Columbia. The iLog is a working prototype but you can order one directly from straightline designs for a reported US$500.

iLog speaker



This wooden keyboard is made by European company Orée. Each board is made from a single piece of wood to preserve the wood grain across the shell and keys. The keyboard connects to Windows PC, Macs or tablets using Bluetooth. Preparation time for each board takes 4 weeks and costs around 125 euros plus shipping.

Orée Wooden keyboard



If you’re looking for a wooden mouse to complement your wooden keyboard, you should consider getting a wooden mouse from Russian premium computer accessories manufacturer Alest Rukov. The company offers several models of mice made from different types of wood including sapele, ebony (blackwood), barwood, bubinga and macor.

Alest Rukov Wooden Mouse

The cheapest Alest Rukov mouse would cost at a minimum of 800 euros and can shoot up to a whopping 1200 euros.



Thinkstudios MS01 headphones feature a wooden housing for crisp and accurate music reproduction as well as an 8mm acoustically enhanced sound driver. It weighs approximately 10g and comes with a Kevlar-reinforced, tangle resistant 4-foot long cable.

Thinkstudio MS01 headphones

The MS01 also have passive noise isolation function that minimizes ambient sound as well as a sweat-resistant design for gym-goers. The Thinkstudio MS01 headphones come with four sized flexible silicon ear inserts, a cord clip, a cotton carrying pouch and an active lifestyle ear hooks. This headphone retails for around $99.99



Portland, Oregon-based company Groove manufactures these cool set of iphone cases crafted from bamboo. Each case is made from a single block of bamboo, hand-sanded, filed and oiled to achieve the smooth and organic look that goes well with various custom designs.

Groove iphone case




The Canonets were a series of rangefinder cameras made by Canon from the 1960s to 1980s. The camera line quickly became a defining product of the 1960s due to its clean lines, classic looks and sophisticated design. One particular model that stood out from this range is the Canonet Walnut which features a unique walnut finish incorporated in its body. The camera comes with a bespoke carry case, 1 roll of 35mm colour film and a service report.

Canonet Walnut


So that concludes this week’s edition of Fancy Fridays. Which wooden gadgets was your favourite? Do tell us by leaving a comment below. You can also add us up on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus. And please do subscribe to our site for other tech news and goodies.

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