Family that Plays Together Stays Together

  • 92 percent of households have gaming console
  • Mums like active games
  • 23 percent of mothers think games keep their kids out of trouble

A survey commissioned by Microsoft has revealed Australian families are changing the way they spend time together by swapping the age old board game for interactive gaming devices.

The research revealed that 92 per cent of Australian households own gaming consoles and have an average of two per household. The research also showed Australians engage in entertainment activities together an average of two times per week and play video games together around once a week, with 66 per cent expressing their desire to do more activities together with their family. 

The research also found that three out of four mothers felt active, full body gaming was an appealing activity to share quality family time together.

The research found that:

  • 56 per cent of mothers surveyed felt that the benefit of playing video games together as a family was because it is something good to do together;
  • 48 per cent felt it was good for brain and eye coordination;
  • 23 per cent felt it kept their children off the streets and out of trouble;
  • 21 per cent felt it would take their children away from watching television;
  • Australian families play video games together about once a week;
  • Three out of four mothers surveyed found full body gaming an appealing activity to share with their family.