Facebook drops BlackBerry support

BlackBerry could soon be seeing the final days of its operating system, with Facebook announcing it will no longer support the platform. Users will have to access Facebook via the mobile version of the website.

WhatsApp announced last month that it will also discontinue support for BlackBerry, meaning that BlackBerry users’ social media options are disappearing fast. This is potentially devastating news for the company, whose customers will now be forced to look to other platforms for app support.

While it’s a bleak outlook for BlackBerry OS 10, BlackBerry is not above moving outside their own borders, with certain Android apps supported on the operating system.

BlackBerry launched its first Android smartphone – the BlackBerry Priv – in Australia early last month. The device evokes BlackBerry OS phones with a physical keyboard and a heavily modified version of Android Lollipop focused on security.

BlackBerry is putting its operating system on life support by paying for development of certain native apps, including an update to the BlackBerry Twitter app released last week. Developers can also receive money during certain times for porting their existing apps to BlackBerry OS.

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