EventsHQ Gets $22,000 Fine For Spamming

  • Long delays in stopping messages
  • No contact to stop messages
  • ACMA Blog provides tips for marketers

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has accepted an enforceable undertaking offered under the Spam Act by the owner of the National Poker League brand, EventsHQ Pty Ltd. The enforceable undertaking was offered in response to an investigation into SMS messages sent promoting National Poker League events.

The ACMA found that the e-marketing practices of EventsHQ and National Poker League licensees were deficient with regard to consumers who requested to stop receiving messages experienced long delays before messages actually stopped, and some SMS messages failed to identify the authoriser of the message or provide details on how it could be contacted. Each of these is a requirement of the Spam Act.

The enforceable undertaking commits EventsHQ to auditing its e-marketing, putting quality assurance procedures in place, as well as training employees and licensees, to ensure all messages meet the requirements of the Spam Act. It will also make a payment of $22,000.

The ACMA’s most recent e-marketing blog deals with risks for a business where messages promoting its brand are sent by its contractors, franchisees or licensees. The blog provides tips on how a business can keep control of e-marketing so that it not only complies with the Spam Act, but that its reputation remains intact.

The e-marketing blog is a key part of the ACMA’s campaign –‘Successful e-marketing…it’s about reputation’– which highlights that e- marketing to recipients who do not want to receive your emails is not a successful business strategy.

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