Ep 348 Download of the Week – Narbacular Drop

Valve’s recent Portal technology blew many people away, but it’s certainly not a completely original concept.

Here’s Narbacular Drop, a free game based on the same real-time portal creation concept. The graphics and features aren’t as amazing as Portal, but you can get a taste of what effect this type of gameplay will have on standard 3D environments. Overall, a great little puzzle game.

Follow the link below for the download link.

Here’ s a quick overview of the game’s storyline-

In Narbacular Drop you explore a 3D dungeon and overcome obstacles using unique portal gameplay. Its non-violent, low-intensity, simple gameplay appeals to gamers of all ages and skill levels. The unique portal gameplay makes for a very fun and memorable game experience.

The player controls the Princess character who has been captured by the a demon. The demon has trapped her in his dungeon lair, known as Wally. Wally is a sentient dungeon and has the ability to open portal holes on his walls. These portals connect to each other and any object moving into one portal will come out the other. Wally is resentful of his owner demon owner, so he joins with the Princess to help her escape. In exchange, she agrees to free Wally by directing his portal power to vanquish the demon.

You can download Narbucular Drop by clicking here.