eBay and Myer team up for virtual reality department store

eBay and Myer have teamed up to create what's being called the "world's first virtual reality department store", a digital marketplace run eBay that allows potential customers to browse items on offer from Myer in Tron-esque cyber-space. While it may seem like a less intuitive, more time consuming way to do your online shopping, eBay's VR department store allows buyers to view Myer's top 100 items in 3D. The remaining 12,500 are simply rendered in 2D.

Unlike a traditional department store, the VR shop will rearrange itself based around your interests, and what it items it thinks you might want to buy. You can move from item to item by staring, or "Sight Search" After a few seconds, the desired product will float towards you.

If you were hoping to sneak a peek at what eBay and Myer have put together but don't have a VR headset, eBay has you covered. eBay will be sending out 15,000 "shopticals" (a heavily branded take on Google Cardboard) for free over the next 15 days. A new lot of 1,000 will be available from eBay's VR hub each morning at 7am.

After you’ve got a headset or some “shopticals”, you can download the eBay VR Department Store app via the iOS App Store or through Google Play on Android.

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