EB Games goes sales-crazy

Games retailer Electronics Boutique have followed JB Hi-Fi in a sales spree, slashing prices on games, new and pre-owned for all major platforms.

Electronics Boutique have followed JB Hi-Fi in the price-slashing frenzy, with 74 pages of games on their website now being sold at half price.

Economical Gamer, who broke the story, noted that unlike JB Hi-Fi, EB are slashing prices for games on all major platforms including the PC.

EB have also gone one step further in offering brand new games at half price along with plenty of pre-owned games.

The Xbox 360 has games like Splinter Cell: Double Agent, Rainbow Six: Vegas, Dead or Alive 4, SEGA Superstars Tennis, The Club, The Darkness and Saints Row for $24.95 each. Mass Effect is on offer for $50 and you can pick up a brand new version of Beijing Olympics 2008 for the same price – $4 dollars cheaper than what JB Hi-Fi were offering for a pre-owned copy.

Playstation 3 owners can rejoice; Ninja Gaiden Sigma, normally at $99.94, is available at half price. Other games like Condemned 2: Bloodshot and The Club will set you back $49.95.

PC fans will be pleased to hear that Universe at War: Earth Assault is only $44.95, while lovers of First Person Shooters have plenty to choose from: Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 is only $39.95, Soldier of Fortune: Payback can be bought for $24.95 and the Collector’s Edition of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is on offer for $29.95.

For the Wii, Geometry Wars: Galaxies is on sale for a measly $29.95 while Bleach: Shattered Blade has been slashed to $49.95. Nintendo DS owners can buy Top Spin 3 for just under $33, or pick up MechAssault: Phantom War for $24.95.

The Playstation Portable has its share of games on sale too: Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai and the futuristic hyperspeed racer Wipeout Pulse are $30 each.

This is just a small, small taste of what’s on offer. If you’re a fan of games, there’s bound to be something you’ll enjoy, so head over to the EB Games website and have a look around.

Source: Economical Gamer