E3 2015: Microsoft’s Biggest Announcements – New games, new controller, backwards compatability

Microsoft overnight held its annual E3 keynote, unveiling a slew of new titles destined for Xbox One, in addition to backwards compatibility for the Xbox One and a new souped-up controller.

Microsoft's major announcement was that it will enable the Xbox One to play Xbox 360 titles. The feature is scheduled to debut in time for the holiday season, with over 100 classic Xbox 360 titles to be made available at launch. Users who already own Xbox 360 games will not have to repurchase titles; inserting the disc into an Xbox One console will trigger a free digital download.

Banjo Kazooie: Nuts n Bolts, Defense Grid, Kameo, Mass Effect, and Perfect Dark Zero are among the first titles Xbox 360 titles to be confirmed for backwards compatibility.

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