Dropbox Ups Security Features

By Ryan Borja

  • Two-way login authentication feature
  • Optional to the entire user base
  • Enable feature to secure important files

Dropbox has delivered on a promise to add to its security functions with the release of the two-step login verification process, after a security breach that exposed a number of emails of users in late July.

Dropbox says that it will begin rolling out the authentication feature under an experiment/trial phase. Dropbox lets users to optionally enable the security feature to provide added security and protection of their accounts and important files that they have stored.

Once set up, this feature requires users to input a unique code that may be sent as a text message or via an authenticator app in addition to the user’s password when signing in at the site. The firm also provides an emergency back-up code that lets users disable the feature if they lose their phone.

Other layers of security that Dropbox announced include a new page that will let users examine all active logins to an account, the requirement for a password to be changed if the password is too common, and an auto-mechanism to help identify suspicious activity.

Dropbox points out that while using the same password may be convenient for multiple different sites, the practice is dangerous because it puts to risk all the users accounts even if just one website is compromised.

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