Domino’s unveils a pizza-delivering robot

Domino’s Australia last night revealed their plans to deliver pizza via autonomous robot.

DRU, or Domino’s Robotic Unit is a robot built in conjunction with Marathon Robotics – an Australian company who normally makes robotic shooting range targets for the army.

DRU navigates around sidewalks and bike paths using a LIDAR system – the robot can see obstacles via an array of lasers which measure distance. DRU will not travel on public roads or highways yet; it’s not fast enough with a maximum speed of 20 km/h.

After an order is made, DRU will travel by itself to the delivery address. Upon arriving, a code will unlock DRU’s storage compartments which contain the food and drinks. The separate heated and chilled compartments are removable for hygiene requirements. Its containers are big enough for an average sized order, so unfortunately large parties will not have a robotic attendee.

At this point you might be wondering, “won’t people just rob the robot?”. While there’s no doubt such a thing might happen, DRU has countermeasures against pizza bandits. Its storage compartments are only unlockable with a unique mobile code, and the robot has cameras attached to it, meaning any thefts will be recorded. Weighing in at 190 kg, the robot itself would be difficult to steal too.

DRU will be making its debut in Australian stores within six months. The prototype is currently being tested in select areas of Brisbane conjointly with the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads.

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