Dick Smith Gets Kindle Exclusive

  • Can connect to 3G network
  • Costs under $200
  • Small enough for a handbag

Dick Smith is exclusively stocking the Amazon Kindle Touch, which is equipped with a touchscreen that lets you read, buy, search and skim books with a touch and swipe function.

Given the range of eBooks currently in the market it can be tricky deciding which one is right for you. The Kindle Touch has the ability to hold up to 3,000 books and its exclusive EasyReach touch technology lets you move from one read to the next

If you want to be able to download a new book as soon as you hear about it – on the bus, the train or even in the park – then you need a Kindle with free access to a 3G network. The Kindle Touch 3G allows you to download your next read no matter where you are

It is said to fit nicely into handbags, briefcases or rucksacks and weighs in at 213 grams. The Kindle Touch offers adjustable text size, audiobooks and a battery life of up to two months

It is said to have an advanced six-inch E Ink multi-touch display and sleek silver finish, and there is a selection of covers available to protect your device.


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