Developers Get Look Into IE9

Today Microsoft made its next build of Internet Explorer 9 available to developers, released as Platform Preview Build number 3 on the IE Test Drive site.

Developers can expect continued improvements to markup, performance and hardware acceleration, claims Microsoft.  Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview Build number 3 includes:

  • The availability of HTML <audio>, <video> and <canvas> tag
  • JavaScript performance gains 
  • Increased support for standards including ES5 and improved Acid 3 score
  • Additional tests submitted to the working groups at the W3C
  • New developer samples the Internet Explorer 9 Test Drive site
  • Addressed feedback received in the company Connect feedback engine

IE9 uses the power of the whole PC to unlock the next class of experiences for the Web.  Browsing is the main thing people do on their PCs, but today’s browsers can only tap into less than 10 percent of a PC’s computational power.

People don’t expect that the Web will be as powerful, rich, responsive, fast, or as interactive as applications that live on their desktop. However, in IE9, mark-up and performance improvements meet hardware acceleration to create endless possibilities of new Web applications that can risk being more graphically and functionally rich because the hardware is there to back them up, says Microsoft.