Data War: Telstra supersizes with premium 25GB smartphone plan

Following the introduction of Vodafone and Optus' 20GB post-paid smartphone plans, Telstra is offering a new "Premium Mobile" option with a monthly data allowance of 25GB. As with Vodafone's and Optus' new supersized plans, Telstra's offering is made up of a base quota, and a sign-up bonus. The plan’s base allowance is 16GB, and customers who register before October 26 net a bonus 9GB per month.

Billed at AUD$195 per month, Telstra's new plan includes the aforementioned 25GB of data, unlimited talk and text, a 24 month subscription to Apple Music, and a free data share SIM for use in a tablet or notebook. The plan also includes 1.5GB of data to use when roaming in "eligible countries", and no additional fees for making calls or text messages to standard numbers. These include countries the United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada, Hong Kong, and South Korea.

Every phone sold by Telstra can be bought on the AUD$195 per month plan with no additional monthly handset repayments. This includes the 128GB iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, the 64GB Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+, and the 128GB Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. 

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