D-Link’s latest range extender has one weird trick for ending Wi-Fi drop-outs

D-Link's newly announced DMG-112A is wireless range extender that is said to ensure users are always connected to the strongest Wi-Fi signal in their house.

Powered using D-Link's AutoZone technology, the DMG-112A works in tandem with compatible D-Link modems to "seamlessly" move devices to the strongest wireless network in a house without any drop-outs or reconnection time.

A typical range extender broadcasts a second wireless network, unique from a user's original Wi-Fi. Users are often left with at least two wireless networks in your house – HomeNetwork, and HomeNetwork_Extended, for example – and have to manually switch between them as they move through a house (at least when both are in range).

The DMG-112A instead presents users with a single wireless network, and D-Link says devices will automatically connect to the access point providing the strongest signal. Even in scenarios where both the router and extender provide reasonably strong signals – 60% and 80% for example – a user's devices should always jump onto the optimal network.

For this to work, both the modem and extender need to support AutoZone. Only two D-Link products do so at the moment – the newly announced DMG-112A Range Extender and the DSL-2877AL Modem Router – but D-Link says more are on the way.

The DMG-112A is powered via a USB connection, and provides theoretical wireless speeds of up to 300Mbps. 

The DMG-112A retails for AUD$49.95, but customers can get one for free when they purchase D-Link's DSL-2877AL Modem Router from JB Hi-Fi stores nationwide. The DSL-2877AL retails for AUD$179.95.

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