CyberShack TV Season 27: Ep6 – TPLink Deco X20 Range (network)

The Deco X20 range consists of three models of whole-home mesh Wi-Fi 6 products. There is the Deco X20, a Deco X20-DSL model for DSL connections and the Deco X20-4G which only requires a SIM card to provide internet.  

Need a DSL Modem Router? Then the Deco X20-DSL is the right fit.  

Need a router only for your connection? The Deco X20 has you covered.  

No connection or need to take your network with you? The Deco X20-4G could be the one for you, all you need is to plug in your SIM card to enjoy high-speed internet instantly. 

All Decos work together to form a mesh Wi-Fi network. Now you have your first Deco connected let’s look at how you can expand this network throughout your whole home.