CyberCrime Week Kicks Off

  • Cyber crimes losses total $63million for 2010
  • 50 billion connected mobile devices within 10 years
  • Big players join forces to educate masses

PayPal is partnering with the Federal Government and a host of other public and private organisations to educate consumers on Internet safety.

With more than eight million Australians now using the internet to make purchases online, cyber crime is on the rise with losses reported to the ACCC in totalling $63 million in 2010. Whilst Government and Industry must lead the fight against cyber crime, consumers have a large role to play in controlling the dissemination of their personal information online.

Frerk-Malte Feller, Managing Director, PayPal said: “Protecting the personal financial information of online consumers and businesses has always sat at the core of our business. Within the next 10 years, there will be over 50 billion connected mobile devices across the world and consumers will transact online from a myriad of devices – from computers and tablets to TV’s and appliances.”

Peter Price OAM, Chief Executive, Crime Stoppers, said: “The online space is continuously and rapidly evolving as cyber criminals appear to be more scrupulous and creative in the ways they steal from Australians, masquerading as bona fide organisations. It is imperative consumers understand how they can protect themselves from online crime. Education and knowledge is the key to Australians remaining diligent and staying one-step ahead of cyber criminals. Assessing with whom and where they are sharing their personal information is an important first step.”

To support the need for more public education, particularly around online security, PayPal today launches its new website – created to help Australian consumers and businesses to protect the security of their personal financial information online.

“Our new website has updated navigation tools, an intuitive new design and includes the latest information for Australians about how to stay safe when shopping online, such as tips on home computer security,” said Feller.

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