CS Live – Ep 10: The latest laptop tech from Microsoft, Open Banking and a review of the Amazon Echo Auto.

We talk to Robin Seiler, Corporate Vice President, Program Management, Devices from Microsoft about their latest releases, the Surface Book 3 and the Surface Go 2.   

Geoff Quattromani joins us on the show to give us a review of the Amazon Echo Auto – a new piece of tech from the online giant that brings Alexa into the car.   

Marie Steinthaler from TrueLayer joins us to give us an insight into Open Banking and how it can change the game and give the consumer control over their own data. 

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We spoke with Robin Seiler from Microsoft about the NEW Surface Book 3 

Robin Seiler, Corporate Vice President, Program Management, Devices from Microsoft, spoke with us about their latest release, the Surface Book 3.  

An all-in-one laptop ready to handle your biggest tasks and the most powerful Surface laptop yet. 

Review – Bring Alexa into your car with you with Amazon Echo Auto 

Geoff Quattromani joined us on the program to give us a review of the Amazon Echo Auto. 

Give your car a renewed life by utilising the Amazon Echo Auto to give yourself a feature you may not have had before. The ability to integrate a smart assistant into your automobile.  

With eight microphones and far-field technology, the device will be able to hear you over the top of your music, air-conditioning and even road noise. 

TrueLayer – giving us the insight into what we need to know ahead of Open Banking 

Open Banking is firing up in Australia, and soon it’s going to give you more control over what information the banks hold about you.  

With this, it’ll make open banking easier to find better deals and share your information with other financial resources.  

TrueLayer is a company that can create applications and APIs to facilitate Open Banking. 

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