CPL Gaming League to start drug testing in 2007

The Cyberathlete Professional League (CPL) has begun preparations for potential drug testing of pro gamers at its events next year, according to founder and president Angel Munoz.

In 2007, the CPL’s terms and conditions will include a new provision allowing the CPL to test participating players for drugs. “The potential for [drugs] being an issue absolutely concerns me,” Munoz says. “It should concern anybody in eSports, because as the stakes get larger, as in any sport, people will look for an edge.”

That “edge” has become a growing concern for some in professional gaming, who believe gamers could potentially use illegal drugs such as crystal methamphetamine and even prescription medications like Ritalin to increase their alertness, reflex times, physical stamina and mental concentration.

Munoz says that in the CPL’s application forms for professional tournaments, it already has specific rules and regulations prohibiting drugs. However, the organisation has never actually tested any players for illegal or illicit substances. But Munoz says that will all change in 2007; CPL lawyers, he says, have just recently finished drafting new terms and conditions for CPL tournament participants. The new provision will require any pro gamer to submit to a drug test. “We have very strict rules about illegal drugs,” Munoz says. “In 2007, we are going to have the right to drug test someone. It’s going to have to be this way.”

Source: Tom’s Hardware

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