Countdown to Wii launch

With Nintendo about to launch the Wii console in Australia at midnight on 06/12/06, gamers have already voted with their wallets which console will be the ‘most wanted’ this Xmas.

More than 30,000 Australians have pre-ordered Nintendo’s next-generation games console, which goes on sale at midnight on Wednesday.

The Japanese games giant — the dark horse of the $40 billion global gaming wars — unveiled its secret weapon, Wii, to US audiences last month. The console was < ahref="">snapped up by more than 600,000 gamers and sold out.

“Wii gets gamers off the couch,” Nintendo Australia spokesman Vispi Bhopti says. “Gaming is no longer about just sitting and watching. Expect to work up a sweat.”

The experience has proved to be so immersive that Nintendo was last week forced to issue a safety warning after reports of gamers damaging television screens, walls and furniture after becoming overly enthusiastic.

Xbox 360 was Australia’s fastest selling console, with about 30,000 bought by gamers in the first four days.

Source: Herald Sun

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