Cordless Phone Works During Blackout

  • 15 hours talk time
  • Use handset during power failure
  • Adjustable sound

Panasonic Australia says its new cordless phone series features industry-first Power Failure Talk System technology. This allows users to make and receive calls even during a blackout, by placing the handset on the base and using the speakerphone.

The line-up is comprised of the KX-TG6621ALB (single handset pack) and KX-TG6622ALB (twin handset pack) and also has Panasonic’s Equaliser Optimisation technology thatallows users to adjust the bass and treble via the menu to the pitch that is most comfortable to them when receiving calls.

Other features include Long Range Clear Sound error connection technology which is claimed to guarantee clear conversations with few interruptions as well as a large, easy to read 1.8-inch LCD screen and intuitive menu.

Panasonic has also announced the arrival of the new entry level 161 DECT Cordless Phone Series. With a 50 name and number phonebook plus caller ID with a 50 name and number call log, this Series is suitable for Australian families that want the convenience of quickly calling loved ones at their fingertips. The 161 Series also features an easy-to-read LCD screen that displays the caller’s name and number for easy identification as well as 15 hours talk time.

This industry-first feature makes it possible to use this cordless phone even during a power blackout by using battery power, with up to 3 hours talk time for the KX-TG6622ALB. When using a single handset, the user places the handset on the base and will then be able to make calls from the handset using the speakerphone function. With a twin handset, calls can also be made from the second handset. 

This high precision error correction system ensures clear conversation with fewer interruptions, allowing you to enjoy a smooth, error-free conversation.

KX-TG6621ALB $69.95
KX-TG6622ALB $99.95
KX-TG1611ALH $39.95
KX-TG1612ALH $69.95