260MB/s Transfer Speeds With USB 3.0 Portable SSD

  • Very fast transfer speeds
  • Withstands big shocks and vibrations
  • 15 seconds to download movie

Transcend has realeased its SSD18C3 1.8-inch USB 3.0 portable solid-state drive (SSD), which features Turbo mode to boost data transfer speeds, a One Touch auto-backup button to backup and synchronise data instantly, and the company’s JetFlash Elite software for productive data management, all housed in a strongexterior that can survive excessive bumps and bangs.

The SSD18C3 is a true solid-state drive based on NAND flash memory. It includes a device driver engineered to enhance USB transfer speeds. Once installed, the SSD18C3 will switch into Turbo mode, increasing data transfer speeds up to 260MB/s when connected to a USB 3.0 port.

The company claims that an entire DVD movie takes only 15 seconds to process. Also compatible with USB 2.0, the SSD18C3 ensures that users will be able to transfer files on computers not yet equipped with a SuperSpeed USB 3.0 port.

Given that SSDs have no moving parts, the SSD18C3 internal SSD operates quietly and cool, and can withstand excessive shock or vibration. It is enveloped in a vibration-absorbing and slip-resistant silicone external shell and is ideal for users who require high performance on the go, without having to worry about accidental impact damage. The SSD18C3 is about the size of a deck of cards.

The SSD18C3 offers an array of advanced features, including a one-touch auto-backup button. The backup system, which can be activated with the preloaded Backup Manager software, allows users to backup and synchronise data with a push of a button. Users can also download the Transcend JetFlash Elite data management tool to assist with using the SSD18C3 more productively, such as for automatic website authentication or checking non web-based email accounts remotely, by plugging the device into any computer with Internet access.


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