Cordless Phone Doubles As Baby Monitor

  • Blackout feature
  • Comes with ecomode
  • Alarm clock feature

Panasonic Australia has announced a new series of cordless phones that can double up as a baby monitor.

The 856 Series, available as a twin and triple pack, has a baby monitor feature that works by automatically detecting a sound of a baby crying in another room and notifies the paired handset or pre-registered external line giving busy parents peace of mind in the home.

Other convenient features available across both the 856 and just released 816 Series include the ‘Works during a Blackout’ feature, which allows users to continue making phone calls even during a blackout, by simply placing the handset on the base to make calls.

A built-in back-up device from the base unit provides up to one minute of power, which ensures that there are no interruptions to phone conversations, even if you are in mid-call when the power cuts out. The 816 Series offers up to three hours talk time by placing the handset on the base to provide battery power. Users are then able to make or receive calls from an additional handset.

The ‘Top Key’ button has two-fold functionality. Located at the top of the handset, the button flashes slowly to notify the receiver ofthe latest activity – such as a new message, alarm or missed call. Then, by pressing the button, users can snooze, play new messages or show call lists. The LED also flashes fast to indicate an incoming call, allowing users to take calls at the touch of a button using the Top Key.

The energy saving one-touch Eco Mode reduces the signal and power consumption, and the new alarm clock feature allows selection of individual days when setting an alarm and can be set to snooze every five minutes up to five times.

Other features available across both models include a 1.8 inch TFT colour LCD screen with a Visual Message List for easy viewing, Long Range Clear Sound for clear conversations with fewer interruptions and call waiting caller ID/incoming call barring.

Both Series are also expandable up to six handsets in addition to a phonebook of 200 names and numbers on the 816 and 250 on the 856. The new phones also feature an answering machine with a message counter. The 816 Series has an extended recording feature, for voicemails of up to 40 minutes. This range also has a secure grip handset allowing users to effortlessly continue the task at hand without dropping the phone and a stylish, wall-mountable design, making it the perfect complement to any modern Australian home.

KX-TG8562 $149.95
KX-TG8563 $199.95
KX-TG8162 $129.95
KX-TG8163 $179.95

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