Convert your Vinyl Records and Cassettes to MP3

The compact, Australian designed Kaiser Baas MusicMaker enables you to convert your vinyl records and audio cassettes to CD or MP3 files.

The MusicMaker is designed for anyone who wants to revive old vinyls and cassettes to digital without damaging or scratching them. Your vinyls and cassettes are precious so why risk damaging or scratching them by using cheaper alternatives?

Built-in pre-amp technology will allow you to plug your turntable or cassette player directly into the MusicMaker without requiring you to connect to an amplifier or Hifi. The provided software will then allow you to clean up your recordings by eliminating click and pop noises from records and hiss and hum noises off old cassettes. Your music is then ready to burn to CD, or output to an iPod or MP3 player.


  • Pre-Amp technology allows you to plug your turntable directly into the MusicMaker without the need to connect your amplifier or HiFi, the pre-amplifier boosts the turntable signal to the correct level for recording.
  • Spin-It-Again software is the easy way to convert your records and cassettes to clean, digital recordings (the software will talk you through the recording process).
  • Compact, sleek design – Fits into any workspace easily and has all of the necessary components so you won't have to worry about complex connections to separate devices.
  • Easy connections – USB connection allows easy plug-and-play to your computer and RCA connections, as well as other devices.
  • Headphone connection – Listen to your recordings live without disturbing everyone around you.
  • Integrated volume control – Control the headphone output for maximum listening enjoyment.
  • Powered by USB – No external power required • Output from your own turntable or cassette player directly to the MusicMaker – eliminating risk of damaging or scratching your media by using cheap equipment.
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7